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Cloning a Python Environment in Pro

05-09-2024 10:41 AM
New Contributor III

Hello All GIS Python Users:

I have been trying to clone a python environment on a Windows Server server and I am having with what I thought was a relatively simple procedure.

I did a python clone years ago on a desktop and I recall it taking at most 15 minute (Pro 2.4 I believe).

On the server, it is almost 2 hours in and it has not finished.

Although I do not see it mentioned anywhere, does the python cloning process require access to internet site?  If so, does anyone know what these internet URLs are?

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated.

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New Contributor II

You can try the command line:
    conda create --clone arcgispro-py3 --name my_env --pinned

    ...more information is here


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Command line was also done by a co-worker which also resulted in failure.  I think that internet access is a must which is very locked down at my org.

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