10-01-2019 04:45 AM
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I'm using wmts with geoserver by getting the capabilities like this:

By doing it this way, Arcgis is using the REST interface to get tiles. Is there any way to use the KVP interface?

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Hello Gonzalo, 

You are correct. ArcGIS Runtime will always default to RESTful to get tiles from the server. This is the expected behavior for faster performance purposes. However, if the server does not provide a way to use REST to get tiles then ArcGIS Runtime will go take the KVP route. 

Additionally, would you like to share the reason you want to use KVP for requesting tiles? Maybe I can help you with a workaround.

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I am having a similar issue, and I don't know why. As of yesterday, GeoServer WMTS layer in ArcPro is no longer using KVP and is failing on RESTful. Server connection goes through fine, but it will not load in the map. I have had WMTS layers from GeoServer working for a few months without issue.

But now I can't get anything to load. Setting up the server connection goes through without a hitch, no problems. But when I add the layer to the map, it never displays.

Also, the network traffic shows that all the requests are failing because it's adding '/rest' to the URI. 

I am fully lost. 

Is there a way to enforce KVP in ArcPro? 

I just can't understand why it would work one day and not the next.

Any and all help is welcome. 

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