is it possible to sync two devices maps on same navigation

01-17-2024 11:38 PM
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I just wanted to know if is it possible to sync two devices' maps with the same Navigation. For example,

I have a Windows tablet that installs a Maui application in which I'm showing the ArcGIS Map & now on the Laptop (Visual Studio 2022), I'm creating another Maui Application in which I'm just performing a navigation from point A to Point B. I want the same navigation( Point A to Point B) should be done on the tablet Maui Application where I'm showing the ArcGIS Map.



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It's possible, but it isn't something the Maps SDK provides a way to do. You'd have to use some platform APIs to send the navigation details from one device to the other, either via push notifications, server connection, direct socket, bluetooth or something else.

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