Feature.SetAttributeValue() And Then UpdateFeatureAsync(Feature feature)

06-09-2017 12:52 AM
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I got a exception "Internal error exception: *** has an incorrect value. Encountered on feature with ID of 4768"., when I use Feature.SetAttributeValue( "***", 2) And Then UpdateFeatureAsync(Feature feature), The Attribute I want to set is type of integer.

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Hi Yan,

I happened to experience similar error while updating the attribute data of the field type "short" or "Int16" of a feature table to an integer like 2. 

Numbers such as 2, 3 etc. are interpreted by the .NET compiler as type 'int' or 'Int32', so there is a mismatch of the field type. In this case the values must be explicitly declared as type 'short' or 'Int16'.

For your case, you may write the code as below:

Feature.SetAttributeValue( "***", (short)2);

Hope that helps.


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