Expand the export types for modelbuilder when exporting to graphic

02-07-2020 04:12 AM
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So the latest release of ArcPro 2.5 now has the ability to export the model as an image, a function that ArcMap has.  This is a most welcomed addition to ArcGIS Pro and something I would certainly use regularly. If only...

So the current options are pdf or svg as export formats.

As 99.99% of the time I will want to include the image in a word document as part of a report I am very unlikely to use PDF so this leaves me with the SVG format.

  • SVG does not import into Word
  • SVG does not import into powerpoint
  • SVG does not import to Google Documents
  • SVG does not open MS paint

You starting to see a pattern here...

Why on Earth have you chosen a format that none of the major word processing applications can even read....?

No one should need to be having to use a third-party software to convert the output into a format that their word processing can read. ArcMap was capable of exporting to a variety of formats.

Please add PNG, BMP, GIF to the export types.


Word should work...


What version are you using? My work machine is this:


Is the “print setup” available in 2.5? or developed in 2.6?