Create INSPIRE Metadata v2 with ArcGIS for INSPIRE 10.8.1 and Geoportal Server

08-25-2020 02:23 PM
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ArcGIS for INSPIRE 10.8.1 supports INSPIRE Metadata v2 creation and management using the latest Esri Geoportal Server Catalog v2.6.4. Geoportal Server is Esri's open source next generation search application and metadata catalog, based on elasticsearch and enabled for INSPIRE. Geoportal Server Catalog makes it easy to create and edit metadata styles including ArcGIS Metadata, FGDC, ISO 19115 (Data), ISO 19119 (Service), ISO 19115-2 (Imagery and Gridded Data), INSPIRE 2.0.1 (Data), INSPIRE 2.0.1 (Service), GEMINI (Data), and GEMINI (Service).

UPDATED 23-June-2021 to include steps using the new INSPIRE Reference Validator.


Before you begin

This lesson steps you through how to create INSPIRE Dataset Metadata using Geoportal Server Catalog's Metadata Editor. This lesson assumes that you have already installed the latest version of Geoportal Server Catalog.

Sign In to Geoportal Server Catalog

Open Geoportal in your web browser. Click ' Sign in' and enter your administrator or publisher username and password.

Sign In to Esri

Choose 'Create Metadata' from the Admin menu bar

HINT: Before you get started, gather the information you need. You will need basic information about your dataset to complete the metadata, including its title, a descriptive summary (abstract), contact information for your organization, any legal or use constraints, and how the dataset can be accessed.


Choose INSPIRE 2.0 (Data)

Click the 'New Document' tab and choose INSPIRE 2.0 (Data) to create dataset metadata, or INSPIRE 2.0 (Service) to create service metadata. In this example, we'll create dataset metadata.

Choose to create INSPIRE 2.0 (Data) metadata


Quick Tip: Click 'Save' to reveal the INSPIRE required elements dialog

Clicking the metadata editor 'Save' button runs a check to see what required elements have not yet been completed. A click-through dialog is presented for the missing required values, denoted with a yellow circle.


Use this dialog to guide you through the creation of your INSPIRE metadata. Click 'Organization Name - A value is required'. Your cursor moves automatically to the element in metadata editor.

Quick Tip: Click


Begin entering required information

Enter your organization name. Note, the circle turns green and the message for Organization Name is now "OK". Click the next element for 'value is required' in the Message dialog box (E-Mail Address). Continue filling in the required information.

Esri INSPIRE Metadata editor


Continue clicking through and fill in the required information

The Metadata Editor dialog guides you through each required elements for INSPIRE baseline metadata, providing drop-down menus and pick-lists where applicable.

Esri Geoportal Server INSPIRE Metadata editor


Click 'Save' then view your metadata

Click the 'Save' button in the Metadata Editor. After saving your metadata, you can view it in the Geoportal Catalog. Click the title or the 'HTML' 'XML' 'JSON' to view your metadata in the desire encoding format.


Chose 'XML' to open the metadata record in a new tab. Copy the URL of the XML metadata from your browser menu bar. Alternatively, save/download the XML file to use with the INSPIRE Reference Validator.

Esri Geoportal Server INSPIRE Metadata editor


Check your Metadata using the INSPIRE Reference Validator

In a web browser, open the official INSPIRE Reference Validator and click ’Test your data, services, or metadata’ to start a test. 



The validator is already configured to test your metadata using the Technical Guidelines versos 2.0 for data sets and data set series metadata. Verify your answer to the antispam question.



Add your metadata to be tested

Follow instructions to provide your metadata to test and click ’Start test’.



Check the Status of your report

The validator runs its tests and generates a report. View the results to see your metadata "Passed" inspection. If you left fields blank or incorrectly filled in metadata elements when creating your metadata, it may fail some tests. Click the “See report” link to expand sections and view detailed results. Then, return to the ArcGIS Metadata Editor and update your metadata, as needed.



For your convenience, you can download the example metadata file used in this lesson along with the Validator 'Passed' report (generated 25-Aug-2020) to assist you in your metadata creation.


See the Geoportal GitHub repository for more information about configuring and using Geoportal Server Catalog v2 for your INSPIRE metadata requirements, including instructions to enable your INSPIRE Discovery Service with

CSW 2.0.2 support.
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