Let's Connect at Esri Dev Summit

02-23-2024 01:13 PM
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Hello YPN Team!

My name is  Najeeb Hall I Joined the Young Professionals Network last year but this is my first post. Based in the Caribbean island of Jamaica I have been working in GIS and with ArcGIS tools for over 5 years now. Primarily my background has been in Telecommunications and Power Generation Sectors and this is where my GIS expericne has been focused. Last year I started my own company called JAN Industries where I am the President and have been offering professional services to coporate clients all over the globe!  My team is small but we have a very wide and adept knowledge of ArcGIS and its tools/applications.

This year I will be attending the upcoming Dev summit in Palm Springs and would love to meet anyone else from the YPN community that might be attending also! Please feel free to reach out to me on Linked in or by responding here. I am also open to connecting with anyone who just wants to discuss our varied experiences working in GIS.

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You are highly welcomed