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Double vs String field for serial chart in Dashboard

04-29-2024 03:40 PM
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I am creating a dashboard that shows funded grants over the past 20 years. I created a base map in ArcPro and uploaded it as a webmap to use in the dashboard. I want to portray a serial chart on the dashboard that shows how much funding was allocated per year (amount awarded), but I cannot get the serial chart to display that for some reason. It will not let me do a 'Sum' of the amount awarded when choosing the statistic for the award year. I believe this is because the field in the attribute table for amount awarded is in String instead of Double. I updated the attribute table in ArcPro so that it copied the amount awarded in Double format, but now when I upload that back onto GIS online, the web map shows all blank values for that field. How can I get the webmap to show the amount awarded in Double instead of String so that I can create the serial chart? 

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