Does anyone truncate sde.sde_compress_log?

02-28-2024 02:20 PM
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Hi all,

Does anyone truncate sde.sde_compress_log on a regular basis?  We are looking to manage our logs and this question came up.  Why or why not truncate the compress_log?

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@JefferyGregg - the sde.compress_log table will not get many rows even if you are running the sde compress every day for years. The question is do you need to keep the history if you are troubleshooting any sde compress issues, I suggest to not truncate the table, and instead delete rows older than 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, the period that you do not need the history anymore.

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Thank you Marcelo.  Yes, I agree with your logic.  I don't think we need all the history... just 90 days or so.  


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