Set primary display field at geodatabase level

07-27-2018 08:25 AM
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It would be nice to be able to set the primary display field of a feature class or table at the geodatabase level so all sources automatically pick it up. From ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Enterprise Server and ArcGIS Online. Similar to field or alias names or domains.

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ArcGIS 2.7: The ability to set the “display field” for a feature class at the level of catalog,

It would be great if the ability to set the “display field” for a feature class at the level of catalog is made available




Hi Jamal,

Are you sharing data with others and want the display field to be "pre-set up"?

Would it work to set up the layer properties how you want and then use layer files?

Just a thought.


I would almost go even further and consider pre-set up layer files that are attached to the Geodatabase as opposed to a separate file.  That being said, there could be an issue if the layer had some issues with such as all of the colors being transparent.


Seems like a good idea, one can already set the alias of a FeatureClass under the Data Source section. So I'm sure adding the display field would be possible but ESRI would have have to consider any changes to the main application code to pick up on any field set as display field?


Correct. Feature class Alias can be set al the level of file geodatabase. At the level of fields nothing more that domain, subtype can be set.




is this planned for 2.8?