Query Widget - Why required value when "Ask for values" is checked on?

01-12-2015 12:24 PM
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In the Query Widget when creating a filter expression, why is it that a value is required even when "Ask for values" is checked.  I want to setup a search but have the user enter the value, not provide a default value at all.  I thought this was a bug / known issue in beta, but it still seems to be the same in final release 1.0.

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FBetFromFROa3 known issues

From ESRI Beta page of WAB (developer edition)

Beta3 known issues:

  • Query widget: does not allow to present a drop-down of unique values when the user is specifying parameters
  • Query widget: query text field is case sensitive
  • Query widget: requires default value
  • Chart widget: pie chart does not support different colors
  • Arabic and Hebrew localization is not supported.

This still seems to be the same issue.  How do we go about submitting a bug or change request?

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    Contact esri tech support is the most guaranteed way.

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