Users are unable to submit edited survey data using Survey123 (web browser) with 3.19 version - error code 400

11-30-2023 04:11 PM
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My users reported that they cannot submit edited survey data using the Survey123 web browser 3.19 version. When they attempted to submit, they would get the error code 400 (Edits parameter is invalid; Geometry update not allowed; Unable to apply edits).


I also tested submissions with the account that owns the survey, which was able to submit successfully. I verified to ensure that my users can edit existing survey data (both attribute and geometry data) under the layer's settings.


I wanted to see if this was a bug with the 3.19 version, as I had the survey "Always use the latest version." I reverted to the original version (3.17), and after doing the switch, my users could submit edited survey data again. Is this a bug with 3.19, or are there new editing settings that need to be considered with the 3.19 version?

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Thank you in advance!

- Carlos

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If you click on Manage are they all checked?  Is this a repeat at all?

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Hi, I doubled checked with our admins and confirmed my users have all the correct editing privileges. When we revert the survey to 3.17, my users are able to edit and resubmit survey data.



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