Unable to save survey when sharing publicly

12-02-2023 05:29 AM
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I am "Unable to save" my survey as when I try share it publicly.


At the same time, when viewed publicly via the share link, the following message appears:

Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 14.26.02.png

I am the admin of the account and all share permissions set in the organisation's security settings allow public submissions.

We have created a publicly shared survey previously without any issues, in fact, it still works currently. Even when merely trying to duplicate that survey, public sharing doesn't work.

Any suggestions are welcome!


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It is indicating that the feature layer or view that the survey form is associated with cannot be found (and is not accessible to the public).

Start by identifying the layer/view. If published from Connect, it may be the original feature service. If published from the web survey builder, it should be a View. You can search for this item by the item id in screenshot one. Then:

  • The layer/view item should be in the ArcGIS Online content folder with the original name, in the original folder. i.e. Survey123-Survey Name > SurveyName_fieldworkerview
  • The survey form should also be in this folder

If you have renamed, deleted, changed ownership of or otherwise modified this layer or view, the Survey123 website will have a difficult time identifying the item (and thereby updating the sharing). 

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Thanks for the detailed response.

It seems I still get the same issue when creating a new survey.

I noticed that I don't get the "_fieldworkerview" layer.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 19.59.38.png

Survey created online on the Survey123 website for what it's worth.

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