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Survey123 Survey not Sent

05-16-2024 11:27 AM
New Contributor

I've just done some editing on a form for inspection data collection. I attempted to submit a test form and received a "Send Error" with no code but instead the first few fields with answers listed. I'm not sure what could be causing this send error? Any thoughts? I have no accuracy thresholds set so even though the accuracy in this test file is terrible, it shouldn't be preventing the form from submitting. This is happening with every test form I try to submit, regardless of what answers are input.



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Check your body::accuracyThreshold (I believe?) columns. Do you have anything there?

EDIT: But then again, I'm actually not sure if any of that info is a part of the error message. May be worth looking at the .sqlite file. Then, in the worst case, you could just start clearing fields until it sends. That would narrow down the problem.

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