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Survey123 Power Automate connector for ArcGIS Enterprise - can't sign in/invalid connection

3 weeks ago
Occasional Contributor III

Hi. I've built a custom connector to my Enterprise Survey123 in Power Automate following these instructions:

I get all the way to the last step to test my connection where I run into issues. I'm able to request permission to my Portal and click "Allow" to sign-in with my Portal user account. However, the connection never actually gets established and I get an error in Power Automate that says "can't sign in". I'm never able to see my list of surveys because I can't establish a connection. Screenshots attached. 

Does my Enterprise Portal user account need certain permissions to be able to login via Power Automate? Or is it a MS 365 account issue? I'm confused! 


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If you press F12 on your keyboard, go to the Network tab, what does the error say? Specifically, do you see a "CORS" error?

EDIT: you will need to press F12, do this process, and look at what pops up. You cant do this afterwards since it only records "live".

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