Survey published in Connect 3.19 shows a version error: This survey was published with version 2.5 or earlier, which is no longer supported.

04-18-2024 01:37 AM
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I created a new survey using Connect 3.19.116 and I was able to submit the survey. Then, I was about to test it using URL parameter with globalId and Copy mode. However, it throws this error (see the image below).

This survey was published with version 2.5 or earlier, which is no longer supported. Please contact the survey owner to republish this survey with the latest version of Survey123.

I tested a simple survey using 3.19 and copy mode worked fine. Is there something that makes my survey recognized as old version survey? I used some

- html (table)

- jr:choice-name which does not seem working as expected, and deleted it but still nothing changed

- field-list/page appearance.


Other than that I cannot think about anything special that may contribute to the error.

It's very critical and hope to get some insights what causes this issue.


@ZacharySutherby   I have not seen any bugs like this.. is it possible to take a look at the xls file I can send it to you?

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Well that's an odd one.

Out of curiosity, what does it say on your Surveys Site for the version (check screen cap below):


And if you are able to, attaching the XLSX to your post would help. If it is confidential, I'd suggest contacting Esri Support directly.


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thank you for your comments! it says 3.19.. yeah it's quite odd. the content is quite confidential so I am trying to starting it over by adding a few lines a at time. 



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