S123 data table sorted by different field than AGOL table?

03-01-2024 06:05 PM
Occasional Contributor

I am wondering if anyone knows why the data tables in the Survey123 web app (i.e., survey123.arcgis.com) are sorted on a different field than the data tables in AGOL... this seems less than ideal. There seems to be a disconnect between the two databases that I can't figure out. I can use ArcGIS Pro to sort the field order of my tables, but that only reflects in Survey123 (not AGOL). So why doesn't Survey123's web app use the same sort by field to order features as ArcGIS pro (or AGOL)?

Really, I'd just like for the tables in the Survey123 web app to be sorted by a particular field so that it makes sense to the end user, but can't figure out how to change the default sort by field. Any suggestions?


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