Restrict World Geocoder to state for public survey

11-30-2023 04:45 AM
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I have a project where I can't use our custom locator, because the project scope extends beyond the municipality's boundary into the tri-county area. I need to use the World Geocoder, but citizens will inevitably select an incorrect address if it isn't restricted to local choices. I don't seem to be able to create a locator view. Are there constraints or parameters I can enter into the connect form to accomplish this?

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You will probably want to look into your own clone of the OSM geocoder, nominatim. There are tutorials for this at the OSM sites. Guessing you wouldn't need a web based API and that you could run it off a local service. Good luck!

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If you have a polygon of your municipality's boundary you can use that to constrain responses to only that area. This Tricks of the Trade blog shows how to do it. Check out the Point-in-polygon queries for data validation section.

- Jen
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