Failed to load Choice List from Feature layer (hosted, view)

02-29-2024 12:09 PM
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Hello, everyone.

I have created a survey with three dropdowns and others. The dropdowns edited to load choice list from different Feature layer (hosted, view). Before February 27, 2024 update, these dropdowns loaded the list smoothly with Survey123 Website, but after that date these does not work, and the message shows as below when I Preview before publishing:

"Failed to load the choice list. Please contact the survey owner to fix it."

I wondered after publishing, choice lists loaded without any error in Survey123 Mobile/Desktop App.

Can anyone please explain this? Is it a bug? If not, what can I do?

Now I have to create another survey but cannot proceed due to this problem.

Please help.

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We experienced this same error after the update as well. Under the settings for the layer that the choice list was pulling from, we had to check off Update under what kind of editing is allowed. It was only set to Add when we first looked and checking off Update and attributes only seemed to fix it.


Our layer and survey structure might be different but our survey creates records in a related table which is related to a point layer in the same service. The choice list points to the main point layer.

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