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Create Service Failure

3 weeks ago
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Hello I would like to ask if anyone encountered this problem. I am trying to publish this form but unfortunately this show-up and I don't know how to proceed. 



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@ekangeles Can you please confirm if you are publishing service to ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online. From the screenshot it looks like you are publishing to enterprise however, just wanted to confirm. 

Additionally, can you you create a test hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online/ArcGIS Enterprise you by navigating to Content > New item. Is this successful?

These steps are a good starting point to narrow down the issue.

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Hello @ekangeles ! Like @wizgis said, try to create a Hosted Service from Content > New Item (Image 1) if you get the same or a similar error, probably the next steps can help you. (at least was the only solution that Work for me)

I will supose that you have an Enterprise deployment. (In my case it was 10.9.1) and your Publishing tool Services is started (Image 2)

Warning: This solution require stop your services.

  1. Stop the three main services: Portal for Arcgis, Arcgis Datastore and Arcgis Server wait a few minutes.
  2. Start the services in this particular order, wating at least 5' to 10' minutes before start the next service. 
  • Portal for Arcgis (Start and wait)
  • Arcgis DataStore (Start and wait
  • Arcgis Server (Start and wait)


I think that if Portal doesn't start completly (that is the reason because you have to wait) Arcgis DataStore doesnt' work for new Hosted Items and that is why you are getting this error.

An other alternative, you can created a Survey from an existent Geodatabase FeatureLayer insted of using an Hosted Layer. But is not a solution


Regards! Esteban Marcelloni


Image 1

Create a Hosted ServiceCreate a Hosted Service

Image 2 

Check PublishingToolsCheck PublishingTools


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Technically, I don't believe Esri has a prescribed order to stop/start Enterprise services. Personally, I always start: Portal > Server > Datastore (and use the Task Monitor to ensure each is fully turned on prior to starting the next), and stop: Datastore > Server > Portal. The only thing you really need to worry about is the server resources. Generally speaking, you want each service to have ample time/resources to turn on fully. This is why they do recommend you set the start-up type to Manual in Services.

When I do regular server maintenance, the last step that I do is I go to the Surveys website ( and ensure that the database connection is working. I.e., if that little box in the bottom left of the tiles appears with a number, you are good (see example below). I used to get instances where the services didn't restart fully and surveys had very odd behaviour. The only solution was to restart the services. I also found that this behaviour coincided with these images not displaying properly, making this a very easy and visual step to ensure services were running properly.

Also, there can be many reasons for the attached error. @ekangeles is this the first time you pressed publish? If you have previously pressed "Publish" and ran into an issue, that issue may be a transient issue that isn't worth worrying about. Sometimes publishing is interrupted. HOWEVER, as soon as you run into one error, you will thereafter encounter non-stop errors until you either:

  1. Publish the survey under a new name, or
  2. Go into your Portal and delete the corrupt files. (I would check this first)

To delete corrupt files from incomplete publishing attempts:

  1. Go to your Portal
  2. Go to "Content"
  3. Search for your survey in the "Folders" area (NOTE: all surveys published by Connect start with "Survey-")
  4. Click into your survey folder
  5. Select and delete all contents of that folder (NOTE: Incomplete publishing attempts wont have created all the normal files, so you likely won't see every single file visible in my screen cap--that's normal since my example is a working survey)
  6. Delete the folder
  7. Try publishing from Connect again
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Hello @wizgis and @emarcelloni,

I tried your suggestions but unfortunately, I am encountering the similar issue with Survey123 connect with our company's enterprise. 



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It seems that there is some issue with the ArcGIS DataStore if you are unable to create a hosted feature service. Couple of things to check here would be :

  • If you are the admin of the Portal or have equivalent rights, after logging into Portal, navigate to Organisation > Settings > Servers, next to status check if portal is getting validated. 
  • Log into ArcGIS Server manager, navigate to Site > DataStores > validate the arcgis datastore to check if datastore is getting validated. You can refer the following screenshot :  wizgis_0-1716801658853.png
  • Check if ArcGIS DataStore windows service by logging into the machine where ArcGIS Datastore is installed. After logging into the machine, search for services and in services window check if the service against ArcGIS Datastore is showing running. 



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@ekangeles you can also check your DataStore status using this tool, run it in a console with administrator privileges. This tool is in your Arcgis DataStore server

C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\tools\describedatastore.bat (image 1)

Be careful with the others tools!

You have to get something like image 2.


Image 1: DataStore tools path



Image 2: Result after run describedatastore.bat


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Hi again, 

Upon checking I do not have a data store on my ArcGIS folder. 😞