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Storymaps on mobile devices?

3 weeks ago
New Contributor

Our organization is creating storymap explorer tours which we want to use on mobile devices. There are 18 stops on our tour. I noticed it takes a very long time for this to load on a phone in the field and wonder if anyone can provide tips or advice about how to make it work better and faster? I just tried changing from 3D to 2D, could that help? 



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Esri Contributor

Hi Kristine,

What kind of device are the users in the field using to access the Storymap? 

Map rendering for web maps depends heavily on the data in the map. Are your maps slow if you view them in the ArcGIS map viewer (outside of a story map)? Can you try accessing your stories from another network, like your home network, to see if there is any difference in performance? Are any of your stories or web maps public and if so can you share the links here so we can take a look?

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