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Story Map not showing my legends

04-24-2024 09:03 PM
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I'm working on a story map for a class project, and I have a simple sidecar setup with some maps (non-interactive). When I edit the map, I select the option for the legends to show - I have 2 maps, one where I want the legend visible while scrolling through the story map and one that I want there, but not visible while scrolling. I've selected the proper options in the window for editing the map views, and in those views, the legends show up as I'd like them to look, but they aren't showing up in the story map itself, in the editing view, preview, or after I published it. Is there something I'm missing as far as making them show up in the story itself? It seemed intuitive enough, but I can't get them to show up.

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Hi @HannahHicks

Can you clarify which parts of the map aren't showing up? Is it specifically the legends themselves that aren't displaying as expected? I'd make sure you are making all of these changes in the Map options within StoryMaps (Not in the Map Viewer in your ArcGIS Organization), and hitting the Save button in the bottom corner after adjusting the map appearance.

I know it has been a few days since you posted this question, have there been any changes in behavior? Please feel free to post any screenshots here to further explain your issue.



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