ArcGIS Online REST GET Request - Error Code 498

01-10-2021 11:02 PM
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I am trying to use the GenerateToken endpoint to generate a token for my AGOL user account, from which I can subsequently perform a GET request on a FeatureLayer that is hosted in AGOL and shared with my user account.

I'm successfully receiving a token from the following URL via POST request as indicated via docs<MY_AGOL_USERNAME>&password=<MY_AGOL_P...

I then try to perform a GET request for my FeatureLayer, using the URL below and passing through the token I received from the previous POST<HIDDEN>/arcgis/rest/services/<FEATURE_LAYER_NAME>/FeatureServer?f=json...

Unfortunately the response is {"error":{"code":498,"message":"Invalid token.","details":["Invalid token."]}}

I can confirm that I have permission to view the FeatureLayer, as I can log into AGOL via the same credentials and view the feature layer.  When I click view, AGOL generates it's own token and if I was to use that token via 

The expiry time of the token being returned is 2 hours from my current time.

Am I correct in assuming the token returned via /GenerateToken should enable me to perform GET requests on FeatureLayers/Services?

I'm not sure what else to try as there is minimal information in the error code.  

Note: I cannot use the oAuth2 process here, hence using GenerateToken.  Reason why is I'm writing some python scripts to automate some processing of data, and I need to have user credentials hard coded into the scripts.

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what does your GET request look like / how are you sending the token? 

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I don't see in your request where you are including the token "...<featurelayer>/FeatureServer?f=json..."; but perhaps you are.

It looks like you might also be missing the layer id and the type of request.  Here's my suggestion for the format:<account info>/arcgis/rest/services/<feature layer name>/FeatureServer/<layerid>/query?where=&outFields=*&f=json&token=<token>


I'm also not sure if your token request is actually a post request as it looks like you may be appending your username and password to the url as in a get request.   Difference between GET and POST method in HTTP   I suggest you consider using only post requests for security.

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I am having the same issue. I am generating the access token using generateToken REST API via POST. And then trying to access the secure folder using https://xxxxx/arcgis/rest/services/OSvC/?f=json&token=. But getting 'Invalid Token' error. I can access the same folder through the browser by manually providing the credentials to the rest/login page. 

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