Planar navigation does not trigger camera callbacks

04-05-2024 10:14 AM
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If you select planar navigation in a scene, then move by using the navigation circle, it does not seem to generate any SDK callbacks, such as MapViewCameraChangedEvent, or MapViewCameraChangingEvent. Is there a way to receive notifications when moving the camera in this way? Thanks.

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In a scene, I was able to do the following with the Navigation Circle in planar mode.  In all these options, the callbacks were hit. Can you please give me a little more info on how I can see the issue you are experiencing?


  •  pivot around the target point in all three axes,
  • rotate the view direction 
  •  zoom in and out on the target point,
  •  move the camera up and down, and
  •  look around from the current camera position.



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Hi Uma,

Thanks for the response! Those modes are working for me; what isn't working is selecting "Planar navigation" on the lower-left gizmo, then mousing on the gizmo circle (not the map) so as to move steadily in a constant direction.


Thanks again


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I just tried this in my addin and clicking on pan and then using the arrows does not result in the mapviewcamerachanged event firing. I'm having an issue in general with the mapviewcamerachanged event when using the navigation tool to rotate. The center of the map extent is off from where it should be when I check it in the event handler. Am I supposed to wait for another event to get the correct values, or should I be subscribing to  something else? If I use the mouse alone to pan/rotate/tilt, everything works as expected.

De-selecting the planar navigation button allows the event to fire again, but I'm getting incorrect extents until I use the mouse to navigate instead of the navigation tool. 

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thanks for this. we have passed this on to the development team to be addressed for the next release (3.4)

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