New pro sdk install XAML Binding failures

11-28-2023 06:45 AM
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Recently decided to and add some custom tools to our ArcGIS Pro 3.2 installs. I've followed along with the ProGuide to installing the SDK, then followed along with the 'ProGuide: Build your first add in' (just add a button). When I build and test the tool I get lots of XAML binding failures (and not including anything using xaml).

The initial build succeeds and Pro opens. Before I even get started on the home screen there are 13 Binding failures on the home screen (photo below). Then I start without a template and it jumps to 99+ failures. I go to the add-in tab and the button is there, and works in Pro. That said as I try to add to other DAML locations, it never works and wondering if related.

  • Dev on Windows 11 OS
  • ArcGIS Pro 3.2 (reinstalled as well)
  • Visual Studio Community 2022 v17.8.1
    • Workload Component: .NET desktop development
    • Workload Component: UWP development
    • Marketplace Extensions: ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET (and Utilities)

Thank to anyone that may have encountered this and knows a way to solve.

Photos below

Pro Launching in DebugPro Launching in DebugXAML Binding failuresXAML Binding failures

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By default VS shows WPF Data Binding errors and warnings. Binding errors (and, of course, warnings) are not exceptions which is why Pro keeps running. Also, these are coming from Pro, not your addin. I believe u can customize this view (and the output window) via VS WPF Trace Settings - by default Data Binding is set to Warning.


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Thank you for the quick reply! I've changed the output settings but still getting the same reported 99+ issues. However, glad to hear this isn't related to my add-in directly which was my main concern.

So still see some debug alerts, but confirmation this isn't related to the specific add-in is good enough for me. Thank you again.

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