Selection/Edit/Snapping settings for grouped layers

02-23-2024 06:28 AM
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I work with large nautical datasets and currently we are working to update our workflow from arcmap to arcgis pro (3.0 and up). During our workflow we like to change selectability and editability of layers on the fly to focus on groups of objects. In the contents-pane you are shown the various groups but you still have expand these to select individual layers (or all with ctrl). Is there a way to change the selection/edit/snapping settings on the group layers? This would make it much better to change the settings on the fly.

Idealy i would like to Ctrl unselect all options (make everything un-editable) and then turn on selection/editing for the select groups i'm currently working on.

Thanks in advance.



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I was actually just about to post an Idea to the boards about this.  To my knowledge, it's not currently possible, but I fail to see why it shouldn't be possible.

It drives me nuts—especially when I've just pulled a CAD file in for reference.  Often times I don't want any selection or editing on those, and I only want snapping on a select few layers.

I probably won't be able to post the Idea about this for a few hours at least, though, so if you beat me to it, drop a message here and I'll Kudo it.