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12-06-2023 07:58 PM
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We have a file server sync setup (centrestack) which sync data to a local cache.

I am wondering what the best way to setup project is.... we had a project setup and then thought we could save as for new projects with simialar layouts but different maps and data. Going through catalog all the layouts and bookmarks carried through. thought it may be slowing it down so started to delete layouts, bookmarks etc but didnt realize even though separate aprx files they were linked to the same project ( on users one drive folder). And the deletions affected other project ( custom map grids etc.)

what is the best method? we tried to save a map as a template but that seems linked to the project folders.

do we need to create new project for each job and then bring in map templates, layouts, dictionaries etc? im sure we are doing wrong but dont want to carry all data over from projects but want a quick way to start with similar maps and layouts


thank you

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In the initial view itself (ArcGIS Pro) if you had saved the project template you have option "Start with another template". I think this will solve your problem.

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