Offline Basemap Creation

04-14-2024 10:19 PM
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Hi All,

Seeking some advice on creating offline basemaps using imagery, as the 'Create Map Tile Package' tool in version 3.1 isn't accepting any sort of imagery I can find; just fails to create the tile package.

I know I can use 'Download Map' from the top ribbon or configure some offline map settings in ArcGIS Online, but I'm wanting to limit the basemap extent to a precise buffered area around my features.

Is there a way to get satellite imagery that the tool will accept? I tried Esri basemaps initially, but then moved on to raster imagery provided by government organisations.

Any advice appreciated.

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You can use ESRI’s offline map. Then you can manage the specific area(s) that will be available on the field devices (look for the “Manage offline map areas”). The managed area will have a rectangular shape so it won’t exactly be a buffer but it will be capable of focusing on the specific areas where connectivity will be an issue.

Hope that helps.

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