Database view not showing attributes in popup

04-12-2024 03:36 AM
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I have created a database view via SSMS which works fine, this has been registered with the geodatabase and the data loaded into ArcGIS Pro.  All features are shown on the map as expected

When I look at the attribute table, everything looks correct with all expected attributes populated with data, however when I click on a feature within the map to view the data as a pop up, the data is not displayed, however the field names are shown but the data is blank.

Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong.

Thanks in advance..



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@AndyIngall  - there is a great Technical Support article here that may be a start for troubleshooting the popup issue.

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1. What version of SQL Server, geodatabase, Enterprise, and Pro?

2.Have you tried creating a new unregistered view? Does the issue happen with it too?

3. What is the SQL definition?

4. Can you provide a screenshot or video of the issue?

5. What do you mean by “the data loaded into ArcGIS Pro”?

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