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Attribute Rules

3 weeks ago
New Contributor III

I created an attribute rule for the address point layer where the APN field is populated from the Parcel layer APN field. It works as expected when I connect to the Enterprise Geodatabase and add pull the address point feature class directly from the EGDB.  We also have bulk published items from EGDB, so for each of the feature class stored in EGDB, we published a feature layer and a map layer to Portal.  The intersect attribute rule does not work if I edit against the feature layer instead of directly connect to EGDB. 

 I use FeatureSetByName in the rule because FeatureSetByPortalItem does not work:

var intersecting_field = "APN";
var intersecting_featset = FeatureSetByName($datastore, 'GIS.PARCEL', [intersecting_field], true);


I suspect it's because the $datastore is not recognized when I edit against the feature layer? 

Any suggestions?

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