Retain Popup Configuration from ArcGIS Pro

12-13-2019 12:24 PM
Status: Open
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Apologies if this is already possible, if it is can you please share how.  I would like to see the popups I configure in ArcGIS Pro to be retained when published as a service to a Portal or ArcGIS server and accessed from the rest endpoint.  If my map services are being accessed and brought into Portal/ArcGIS online/ArcGIS Pro using the add data from path,  I would like end users to see the popups the way I configured them not just a list of attributes. 



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I would like to see Pro respect an online service's settings when adding the service from a path, like it does when you add data to Pro from the catalog. Fields that I have hidden or removed editing in the online service are visible and editable when adding the same layer to Pro via URL. Why is this?