Attribute Table — After using "Click to add new row", click row header to commit and select row

11-29-2023 10:30 PM
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ArcGIS Pro 3.2; Mobile Geodatabase:

  1. In the attribute table of a feature class, I can use "Click to add new row" to create a feature that has a null shape.
  2. Then, I would enter some attributes using the attribute table.
  3. And then I would create a geometry by using the Replace Geometry or Continue Feature editing tools.

Step #3 is awkward because the row needs to be committed and selected in order to use the Replace Geometry or Continue Feature editing tools. The row doesn't get automatically committed/selected upon creation, so I need to manually commit/select it.

It is possible to commit the row by hitting the enter key. However, I don't always think to hit enter after creating a row. And even if I do, the row still isn't selected.
Rather than hit enter and then select the row, my intuition is to try to click the row header, since that's what I would normally do to select a row. Yet, clicking the header of the uncommitted row has no effect — other than flashing the previous feature, which seems strange to me.


(I forgot to include the Replace Geometry or Continue Feature step in the video. But I think you can picture what it would entail.)

Could that behavior be changed so that clicking the row header commits and selects the row? (and not flash the previous feature)
The new row could be added to an existing selection, if there is one, rather than clearing/replacing the selection (if that's a concern).

Feel free to let me know if I've missed something.

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A related comment from @RandyCasey in Easy navigation between attribute table and attribute pane:

I would also love to see an option to right-click the "Click to add new row", which would add the new row and open the Attribute Pane with the new row selected, because in my mind, the Attribute Pane is the best option for new data entry. This could also possibly be an environment default option to automatically open the Attribute Pane any time a new row is created in a table, because what I usually do is create a new row, then open the Attribute Pane to add new data, because the data entry tools are more robust in the Attribute Pane.