Ability to see and update map rotation angle on the top toolbar

10-06-2023 10:20 AM
Status: Open
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Arcmap used to have a box on the toolbar that showed the map rotation, I could input my own rotation by typing in a number, or I could use the data frame tools to rotate the map (so it's not always pointing north).  In Pro, I either have to use the navigation button (which doesn't tell me what the rotation is), or open the map properties to see what the rotation is /change it manually (too many clicks).  Or, I can set up a dynamic text box that shows the rotation, but this doesn't allow me to type in a number to change the rotation.  

I'd love to see something up on the toolbar - maybe the View-->Navigation toolbar that shows what map rotation is as well as allowed you to update it. 







My idea is to add an rotation window beside the scale one.  When planing maps, it's time consuming to always go on map properties to change and test the good rotation.

Now.png Now

With rotation.png With rotation



For "quick & dirty" eyeballing, there's also the Navigator, on the View Ribbon:


Sometimes, I'll spin the Navigator to get things close, then fine tune with properties.  But then I still often find myself having to test multiple options, so it still doesn't save a huge amount of time.

I would love to be able to enter the value directly exactly as the post here suggests.  There's plenty of screen real estate to add that to the bottom of the Map View's panel in an intuitive way, and this seems from an end-user's perspective like it should be a piece of cake to implement.  There's already plenty of precedent in the system's UI architecture.