"An error occurred when exporting the web map" and CSV data

11-30-2023 04:51 AM
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Myself (and my class) are having a repetitive error when using ArcGIS Online. We keep getting the error: "An error occurred when exporting the web map" when trying to print the project and it does not matter which permutation of print settings we use, it always generates an error. 

We have added base maps and custom CSV data (imported from file representing simple point distribution) and styled the points. Nothing additional or complex. This error occurs in Map Viewer (some even have issues in Classic Viewer). I have tried multiple methods of troubleshooting, including making all layers HTTPS friendly and I have pinpointed it to the CSV. If I remove the CSV, it prints without issue. However, the CSV is pretty vital to project and other forms of tabulated data (.xlsx, .txt) are not supported for upload into the web app. 

Any suggestions or workarounds? 

Thanks in advance

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Hi Chris, There is a known limitation printing maps that contain references to CSV files. We are looking into it. For now, If you publish the CSV as a hosted feature layer, it should print fine. 

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