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Is there a way to set the order of columns in an attribute table for a feature layer hosted in ArcGIS Online?

05-17-2024 03:06 PM
Occasional Contributor

I've been working with feature layers hosted in ArcGIS Online and I've noticed that whenever I add new fields to the attribute table, they always appear at the end of the table when I bring the data into ArcGIS Pro. I can adjust the field positions in ArcGIS Pro, but the changes don't seem to be permanently saved back to the hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online.

I'm wondering if there's a way to define and permanently set the order of fields in a feature layer hosted by ArcGIS Online. It would be really helpful to have a consistent field order, especially when working with the same layer across different projects or sharing the layer with colleagues.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Currently there isn,t a way to define the order of fields or the sort order of the data in the fields in a table and have that preserved. It is something we are looking into but I don't have an exact release associated to this enhancement. 

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