Completely Transfer Features To Another AGOL Account

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I need to completely transfer a StoryMap over to another account for long term housing. The StoryMap has a sidecar block with a webmap containing 2 feature layers. These feature layers (attributes) and webmap will need to be editable in the other account, along with all functions in the StoryMap. So total, I need to completely transfer a StoryMap, a webmap, and 2 feature layers to a completely different account. Any tips and tricks on how to do this? 

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Not sure if this will work for you. We recently moved from ArcGIS Online logins to SSO logins and had to move content from a users old account to a users new account. There is an option to Change Owner when an item is selected. Select the item/s you want to move and under the More dropdown, there is a change owner option.



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