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Cannot Overwrite the Source Feature Service with a Joined View Layer

3 weeks ago
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I have a polygon hosted feature service and a hosted table service. The table its joined to the source polygon layer via a hosted joined view. I cannot overwrite the source layer. My data meets all of the criteria outlined in this article (owned by me, attribute based join, one to one join)

I am also unable to swap the source feature service as this seems to be supported for regular hosted views but not joined views. 

Does anyone have any ideas? Right now I am just trying to overwrite from Pro. I have heard the truncate and append suggestion but we have almost 4 million records so I am trying to avoid this approach. 

Thank you! 

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What is the volume of edits in a given update period? With that large of a service, there may be another option of simply comparing the source data against the hosted data and editing features in-place.

Does the source data have edit timestamps?

An overwrite is more drastic than a truncate/append, and I would avoid it whenever an alternative is possible.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Could be hundreds of thousands of updates, including deleted features. And yes the features are timestamped. 

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