ArcGIS Arcade return x coordinate of web map feature from EPSG: 3857 to EPSG: 2227

02-21-2024 11:17 AM
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I'm using smart forms in ArcGIS Field Maps and I need to calculate the x coordinate in the feature layer's original coordinate system (California state plane III, EPSG:2227) when a new feature is added to the map.

The feature layer was originally in 2227 when published to AGOL but when I try to use the geometry function in Arcade it uses 3857 (web map coordinates).



number: -13610189.8467

snyway I can add a parameter like "spatialReference": 2227 to get the expression to return values in state plane?

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Not sure if it is an option for you, but if you create your own basemaps in EPSG:2227 and use that in the web map, then the entire web map will be in that coordinate system and 

will report the coordinate in the state plane system.
I do all my AGOL stuff in state plane in order to avoid these issues.
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