View-as setting for creators/administrators

a week ago
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It can be very difficult as an admin to create a new map/app/dashboard/experience builder only to realize you didn't share a specific item for a specific group.  As admin/creator - you likely have further access to items and may add a new layer/item that cannot be accessed resulting in poor consumer experience.  Also posted on ArcGIS Enterprise Ideas Enterprise Ideas Link 

My idea is to allow either creators and or admins to 'view-as' and select option such as member of a group, outside public, shared collaboration, viewer in org, etc. when editing an item and preview it from the point of view of the intended audience.

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We want to explore ways of improving app creation and sharing such that all apps, maps, layers that are being shared together as one piece of content have the appropriate sharing levels & permissions. We do not believe the 'view as' approach is one we will consider when solving this problem. Thank you for the idea, though!


@ScottBall I appreciate your up-front response, and I definitely understand taking another approach.  That said, are you able to elaborate on what approaches you are considering, or perhaps how far down the road we may have to wait to see these ideas be available to admins? 

Beyond just sharing and access, I also use this approach to test editing capability and even for creating screenshots/videos for documentation.  As an admin, I can see all/do all, so how things look to me won't match what I want to train my users on.  I am currently taking up an extra named user just so that I can log in with the permissions of my target group, make sure they can edit what I want them to (or not edit what I don't want them to), and grab screenshots for documentation.  I particularly have to use this workflow with Field Maps frequently.