Map Viewer Popup Fields list - Add option to automatically sort fields other than alphabetically

11-09-2022 01:23 AM
Status: Open
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When configuring the Fields list in the Map Viewer Popup it automatically sorts the fields alphabetically. This is a pain when you've forgotten a field and need to add it to the Fields list manually. When editing the Fields list it instantly sorts the field alphabetically and you'll have to drag your fields into the wanted order. (imagine having >50 fields!!)

All of this when there's this beautiful option to sort the fields on Display name, Type, Order in Table or Field Name when searching the field you want to add to the list. Why not use this to then sort the actual Fields list? 



Thanks in advance!

- Zoë



While I do agree, and I think this is a good idea, I do question the need for having 50+ fields in a single table. It may be possible to do a little more normalization on the database to reduce that field count.


I work with 911 addressing and I just want to point out the NENA standards for NG911 for road center-lines contains 52 fields.  Address points contains 46 fields.

Apparently ESRI fixed this problem at some point.  Now they have the "Default" option, which puts the fields in the original table order.  I had to "Deselect all" fields and then choose "Default" and then "Select all" fields to get the new order.  This should be the answer to the original question.