Applying Categorization to Open Data

05-22-2018 08:51 AM
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Esri recently released a new ArcGIS Online functionality to categorize items (layers, maps, apps). I think it would be good to apply this feature to ArcGIS Open Data Hub to let users search all downloadable layers within a category (business, transportation, etc.), in addition to the current method of search by tag or AGOL group.

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ArcGIS Hub

I completely agree with the above!

AGOL Categories would be extremely powerful if they were supported in ArcGIS Hub. Categories are a great way to standardize and pre-define subject matter and not have to worry about tags that could potentially be inconsistent (spelling errors, naming conventions, etc). These would be extremely powerful if they were supported in URL parameters as well for the Open Data portion of Hub. Currently we're using URL parameters in Hub Cards. In order to safeguard for any potential future tag typos we have to build in wildcard url parameters such as: 


This works but is much more cumbersome than Categories.