Ideas Implemented in the December 2016 ArcGIS Online Update

12-21-2016 12:49 PM
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Thanks Kelly - So much has changed and been enhanced. Awesome any advice on lessons or tutorials on these
enhancements?  The views and related tables etc?

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is there a way to calculate X and Y directly from AGOL or a way to know them?

It would be great to know them to make link to google maps street view using X and Y 



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Hi Kathleen,

Some lessons and tutorials about view layers are being worked on, so stay tuned for updates. For right now, check out this blog for more information on View layers:

Getting started with hosted feature layer views | ArcGIS Blog 



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Hi Louis,

If you are looking to manually add a the y,x coordinates to a map viewer url:, 45.461058 

To find the coordinates for a specific feature, you can query this data from the rest endpoint by selecting the option return geometry:

Example URL:

Query: Emergency Facilities (ID: 0) 

If this doesn't quite meet your needs, I encourage you to log an idea on that outlines the workflow you are trying to accomplish. Where do you want to find this information? What is the desired output?


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Hi Kelly,

Thank you for tour quick answer.

What i wanted to do is to make link in the pop-up windows (Using URL parameters in pop-ups | ArcGIS Blog ) that goes directly to the street view of Googlemap (or other) from the point geometry.

The problem is that i don't know how to get this geometry directly from the viewer of AGOL (and not from Rest API). I don't know if it exists (as in arcmap) hidden fields (shape@X and shape@Y) in AGOL that can be used is pop-ups parameters

What i want to get:{Shape@X}+,+{Shape@Y} as,4.426067,110.61h,5p,1z

Like this, the user can go directly in the streetview (other window) by clicking in the popup.


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