Is it possible to change VRP Schema version in Pro 3.2?

02-29-2024 05:02 AM
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We have transitioned to using ArcGIS Pro (3.2) from the old ArcMap (10.5). We have been conducting VRP analyses on a fairly large dataset, using the VRP-level DeliveryQuantities-Capacities feature, which allows us to find for example 100 points out of around 2000 points for our routes.

With the VRP in ArcMap, using the "Capacity code" (for example 0 0 1 2 5 3 0 1 0 5 0 3...etc.), we retrieve the desired locations, often up to 40 different ones. However, I noticed that with ArcGIS Pro 2.6, there was a schema change where this single DeliveryQuantities-Capacity counterpart was split into nine different fields. This also limits these different dimensions to only nine different ones, whereas before there could be dozens.

Is it possible to conduct VRP analyses using the previous schema in the current Pro version, or is it possible to download the 2.5 version where this still works?

Thank you

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There is currently no way to switch the schema version within the ArcGIS Pro UI. However, you could use a python script with the arcpy.nax module. This allows both schema options within the ArcGIS Pro install. 


This sounds like a very interesting use case could you describe it more and why you need so many dimensions to the quantities being delivered. Maybe we could suggest a different modeling to get similar solutions. 

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