Monitor loses connection to host machines at the same time every evening.

03-11-2024 07:19 AM
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I have an installation of Monitor 2023.3 and every night at 5:58 pm it loses connection to all of the host machines that are configured.  At 8:00am every morning everything goes back to normal and connection is restored.

Monitor continues to run, all host machines continue to run, and all Enterprise components continue to run.  For some reason, it gives the Connectivity host windows_discover alert for all of the host machines.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior?  Is there some configuration setting that I need to change?  

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Hi @CassidyKillian ,

Could you please upgrade to Monitor version 2023.3.1 and see if this problem still persists?



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Hi @CassidyKillian,

Does your organization run system security scans at that time? If so, perhaps they might be interfering with the connectivity between ArcGIS Monitor and the host machines?

Hope this helps,

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I'm not getting the same timing issue, but I see similar behavior on 2023.3.1. It will lose connectivity to different server machines sporadically throughout the day, throwing an alert on "Connectivity - arcgis_server_discover ". This ends up sending me a bunch of Critical alerts (which still don't have a descriptive name) that make it hard to tell when I've got a real critical alert or not.

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