Connecting Survery123 to ArcGIS Mission

09-23-2021 12:35 AM
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We are a research institute in the earth and environment sector. Recently, we used ArcGIS Mission in a campaign for internal communication between research vessels. In addition, the report functionality was  used for the necessary station logging. So far so good. The system worked well.

When we analysed the relevant data after completing the mission, we found that the handling of the report data (feature layer) was very complex. In example the Excel export function from the report feature layer didn't provide the clear names of the report attributes. An other issue was by using single choice. In the excel output doesn't appear the clear name of the single choice, but "single_choice_1", "single_choice_2". I know it's not modern using excel sheets and the end...

A colleague of mine works with Survey123 App. And she says this issues are fixed in this solution. 

Here my idea: Cobine Survey123 Reporting with ArcGIS mission reporting. The reporting inside of ArcGIS Mission does not appear mature.

Thanks for reading!



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Hi, MaxBöcke.

Great idea! Mission, is still relatively new, so our first releases had simple reporting, At 10.9 we included custom reports to give users the flexibility to customize and capture additional formatted information on activities mission, and sharing that template for use organization-wide for the mission. I would ask if you have tried the 10.9 version. Secondly, I would say that we are also looking to integrate with other apps in our ecosystem in the future, so we would be happy to learn about your workflows.

I am curious about your use of Mission on vessels, can you tell me a bit more about your workflows in that regard?


Hello  DarronPustam

Sometimes we collect measurement data with several research vessels. The ships sail to specific GeoPoints and collect the relevant scientific data, for which we produce the mentioned standard reports. The ships are connected to the internet via a Kongsberg system. This allows us to monitor the mission from a central location (headquarters) and make the data available in near real time to interested scientists.It is nice to see what measurement data has been collected in detail by the other ship crews.

In addition: We have found that the Responder App does not work well when the internet connection is interrupted. You have to log in again every time the internet connection is interrupted. This case frequently occurs on the sea or ocean.

Best regards