Python to extract Basic GEODAT Hub Item Information

04-12-2024 09:11 AM
New Contributor

I have been trying to gather, with Python, information on items in the Kern County GeoDAT (Basic Public Hub) located at URL Kern County GIS Open Data - GEODAT ( , specifically dataset items that are linked to the Hub page, for example, at URL, for instance.  Are these considered events?  I tried to extract information on events but I understand that we need to have a Hub Premium subscription to extract this information.  The only properties I can extract are the properties of the Hub page and not the contents.

I do need to automate extraction of this information.  I do not want to add, delete or update any information on this Hub page.  I am using an authorized administrator account to access the site and Hub page.  I do have ArcGIS Pro installed on my computer with Python 3.9+ and the packages.


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