Many issues (solved/unsolved) on OFFLINE installation of EXB and questions related.

02-18-2021 07:35 AM
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I have installed EXB v1.3 , in Offline mode connected to a portal.

Problem 1 : Solved :

First i couldn't access the interface, an error message was displayed :

"Experience Builder developer Edition requires an ArGIS organization account with user type that includes privileges to create content"
(From client/dist/jimu-core : roleError2).

I was trying to connect with Portal administrator account (so full rights) on the experience Builder. I tried 3 accounts with various permissions but none was able to connect.

Solution :

After some digging, i just found out in the file :
On line 28, Col 134408 there is a request on portal to "ValidateAppAccess" :


var a = 0.portal+"/oauth2/validateAppAccess?clientId="+t;


The t variable in the request is a string which contains the NAME of the application (printed in the console : "experienceBuilder").

The rest request "ValidateAppAccess" requires an AppID. So by changing the t variable with o.clientId :


var a = 0.portal+"/oauth2/validateAppAccess?clientId="+o.clientId;


The Interface showed up.

Problem 2 : Solved :

After those steps, i tried to create an application, when I added the map widget and tried to load a WebMap already prepared (from Portal).
The Widget keep spinning loose.

I had the same issue as @DaveFullerton on the CMD prompt (only once) :


server error read ECONNRESET


I had several Error Message in my Browser Console (look at the attached file : Console_error_COR.png).


Solution : 

After looking in the documentation, I've seen that API 4 assumes that CORS is enabled on server. I have enabled CORS requests on my IIS (Config_XML_CORS.png) and the problem was solved, but two points intrigues me :

- Why do we need CORS for the same domain :


- Why would the builder need CORS to load the API files (when the WebAppBuilder Dev Edition doesn't need it) ?


Problem 3 : Unsolved :

When the map widget is initiated with various Webmapps, the switch icons are not well set (look at the attached file : WebMap_icon_fail.png).

It appears that the source image is a request on the portal rest but the request is false :




(Where token is an available token)

The request return an error 404 : 


I stopped digging, but i suspect many requests to be false when trying to reach portal informations.

So here are my questions :

Is it an issue that API JS 4.X can't load in the experience Builder or is it a normal behavior which need CORS enabled or proxy set-up ?

Why are the requests wrong, are they made for Online set-up ? 


The last thing I'd like to report, it's the slowness of the refreshing layers when the experience is started or when the extent/zoom is reset. 

Best regards,


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Hi Alexis,

I don't have an answer, but have had similar problems (not exactly the same though). A question - it sounds like you're connecting to ArcGIS Enterprise (on premise portal), not ArcGIS Online? If so, which version of Enterprise are you using?

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I am using ArcGIS Enterprise10.7.1 on IIS (Windows).

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by Anonymous User
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I sent you a direct message, Alexis.

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Hi @Anonymous User ,

The "https://HOSTNAME:3001" and "https://HOSTNAME" should be considered as two domains I think.

The reason why the CORS is required is: EXB is using system.js to load scripts dynamically. For security reason, system.js add “script.crossOrigin = 'anonymous'”, but this property requires the CORS headers

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Indeed HOSTNAME and HOSTNAME:PORT are considered as different domains for requests. It still is strang that WebAppBuilder Developper doesn't need CORS to acces API while using a different domain.

Thank you for the answer, but would you mind to developp "for security reason" pls ?

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