WebGISDR Migration

02-29-2024 07:27 PM
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I'm trying to migrate an ArcGIS Enterprise single-machine deployment to a new machine.  It has to be using webgisdr.  When the source machine was setup, the machine name was used throughout the setup process.  For the target machine, we would like to get away from that and set it up with an alias, if possible.  Now, I just read this blog by @JonathanQuinn about migrating an installation using webgisdr.  It referred to two approaches, one if you use the machine name and one if you use an alias.  Do we have to use the machine name approach because that is how the old machine was setup or can we use the alias approach because that is how we want it to be set up in the future?

I'm trying to understand what etc/hosts entry to create on the new machine before installing the software and what domain name to use throughout the setup.  In terms of our content, we have tried to replace the machine name with the alias in our existing Portal.


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