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Field names in WFS geopackage output are incomplete when using aliases

4 weeks ago
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Hi all,

I have data published on our ArcGIS Server (11.2) as default ESRI map service with added WMS / WFS capabilities. The data is stored in our enterprise geodatabase (PostgreSQL version 15.4 + PostGIS) and have field aliases set up in geodatabase itself. 

The problem I'm facing is that when I download that data as a geopackage and open in in ArcGIS Pro the field names use field aliases and it seems that ArcGIS has default lenght for field names: 10 characters long. Field names in the output are shortend and as a result the information is incomplete. 

As far as I understand (and from my observations) the characterlimit is hardcoded (most likley for .shp usage) and ArcGIS server uses field aliases (if given, if not it takes field name as alias insted) in services. 

From what I was able to find there doesn't seem to be a way to configure ArcGIS server to use field names when downloading the data.  Our tech support has recomended to use field names as aliases when it comes to services (set it up in .APRX file of ArcGIS Pro) and keep the database as is. Is there a way to configure maximum field lenght in download output of WFS service or is it also not changable?

Thank you very much in advance. 

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