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11-30-2023 10:31 AM
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I've got a polygon layer that is being used as a read/only reference layer for offline Field Maps use.  My understanding is that that layer still needs Global IDs even though no edits are taking place.

My issue is that the parent feature class in our SDE Enterprise Geodatabase gets updated every 2 weeks with a very basic and "brute force-ish" Truncate and Load process whereby the data in the feature class is 100% deleted then loaded back in from another geodatabase.  This means that on a 2 week cycle perhaps only a few features have been added, but as far as the child geodatabase knows, it's all new data.  This brings me to the Global ID's.  Every time the data is truncated and loaded, every single Global ID is regenerated to something new... even for features that did not change from one updated cycle to the next.

Ok, so, let's say a person with Field Maps, checks out a map for offline use, and one of the layers is this Read/Only polygon layer.  And let's say they keep that data checked out through one of these 2 week update cycles.  You see where I'm going with this.  Then they check the data in but the Global ID's on this read/only layer are now 100% different between the Parent Enterprise GDB and the mobile DB on the device.

The main question is, aside from this just being a technically questionable process (and I know there are cleaner workflows with versioning and all that), is there any issue doing things this way or will the system freak out and not be able to sync or ???

Thanks much.

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